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Sharing Your Explorer’s Story: A cozy coffeeshop Down-Town

By Peter on March 27, 2017

Greek Coffee Shops Ever since, coffee shops in Greece were a meeting point for men, discussing local, national and international issues. Nowadays, they are mostly called Cafeteria and offer modern environment and temporal architecture and sophisticated design..

Located on a busy corner of Evangelistrias and Mitropoleos Str.,just across Metropolis (Athens Cathedral church), Centrale is an all day hangout for everyone.

Busy all day and night, with superb service and fine Drink & Food.

Serving from Early morning coffee, brunch, lunch, Cappuccino in the afternoon and dinner, to great cocktails in the evening.

Cozy atmosphere

Though on the corner of an all-day busy street, you can sit and enjoy people walking by for shopping or on business.

Fine Food

A wide variety of sweets, hors-d'œuvre, snacks, salads and meals to meet your taste around the clock.

Coffee & Drinks

From Greek coffee to Cappuccino and Spanish coffee, aperitif, fine wine and exotic cocktails. .

I have been sitting here at the Centrale  for an hour, I thought. But when looking at my watch, I realized that I was here for almost 2 1/2 hours. Families with kids, who went for shopping for Easter presents, shop owners talking about business;
Youngsters and students talking about their matters, couples in love chatting, elder men sipping their traditional Greek coffee and reading nespaper.

Coffee shops are part of local tradition and heritage.

Sitting in a central coffee shop, you will see local habits and tourist gazing at the busy life in Athens.